Keynote Speakers - Roberto Colom

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Roberto Colom

Roberto Colom is Professor of Differential Psychology at the Dpt. of Biological and Health Psychology (UAM, Spain). He has authored 16 books (technical and for a general audience), edited 6 books, and published more than 160 peer-reviewed articles. Most of his research efforts is focused on human intelligence and the key feature of his history as a scientist is the large network of collaborations with scientists around the globe. This has stimulated a broad scope of interests going from the psychometric analysis of intelligence, its cognitive foundations, and its biological basis (mainly through the application of innovative neuroimaging research tools). He has also done applied research in areas including mental disability, crime behavior, personnel selection (ATC), and test development. His most recent book is ‘The science of human intelligence’ co-authored by Richard J. Haier and Earl B. Hunt. Further INFO:

Lecture title: The Relevance of the Interplay Between Psychometrics and Neuroscience for the Analyses of Individual Differences in Intelligence and Cognitive Abilities

About his lecture: The neuroscience of intelligence requires proper psychometric approaches. It is difficult, however, to find appropriate studies, and, therefore, sound conclusions are rare. This lecture will present and discuss several issues: (1) measurement, (2) individuals, (3) the intelligence hierarchy, (4) lessons from powered lesion studies, (5) integration of psychometrics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience (process overlap theory), (6) reproducibility, (7) pillars for maximizing comparability among studies, and (8) the future (from the group to the individual).