Keynote Speakers - Christopher J. Soto

Colby College

Christopher J. Soto

Christopher Soto is Professor and Chair of Psychology at Colby College, and Director of the Colby Personality Lab. His research focuses on issues related to personality structure, assessment, development, and outcomes. His most recent work investigates similarities and differences between personality traits (how someone tends to think, feel, and behave, averaged across situations) and social, emotional, and behavioral skills (how someone is capable of thinking, feeling, and behaving, when needed).

Lecture title: How is a Trait (not) Like a Skill? Similarities and Differences in Structure, Assessment, Development, and Outcomes

About his lecture: In this talk, I will discuss recent research examining the structure, assessment, development, and outcomes of personality traits and social, emotional, and behavioral (SEB) skills. This research indicates that traits and skills are similar–and even interchangeable–in some ways, but also suggests some key differences between the two kinds of constructs. These similarities and differences have implications for both researchers and practitioners.