Lew Goldberg

President WAPP

Dick Barelds

Chair Program Committee

Odette Van Brummen-Girigori

Local Organizing Committee

With great pleasure we invite you to the fourth World Conference on Personality, to be held in or close to Willemstad on the Caribbean Curacao, April 2–5 April 2024. Have it noted in your agenda!

This conference will bring together personality psychologists and psychologists with an interest in personality from the various regions of the world to fully display the different perspectives on personality as pursued in different cultures, to stimulate further cooperation across the cultural borders, and to facilitate the commencement of new research-lines in the field.

Share your ideas on personality, individual differences, and intelligence through discussion, informal encounters, taking position, constructive skepticism, and through plain critique. The conference allows a broad array of topics, such as structure and dynamics, theory and measurement, culture and values, personality in applied fields, personality and biology, interfaces with other disciplines, history and future of personality, personality on the internet, etc.

Francis de Lanoy

Rector Magnificus

University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez

It gives me great pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you all to our island Curaçao and to the University of Curaçao Dr. Moises da Costa Gomez (UoC). It is an honor for the UoC to co-host the WAPP 2024 conference. Having this conference here in Curaçao provides a unique opportunity for all of you to experience diversity in the broadest sense as we have over 100 different cultures living together in our community.
The University of Curaçao distinguishes itself as an institution that advocates inclusion, social mobilization, integrity and (social)-entrepreneurship.  We value, practice and promote in our educational programs and research transculturalism, translingualism and diversity, which are very interesting and fundamental topics for conversations and discussions for this WAPP 2024 conference when related to personality, individuality and individual differences. Being in Curaçao, we encourage you to experience our diversity, seek opportunities to interact with other participants and our local community as well, and embrace the opportunity to connect theories and thoughts with practice. Visit downtown Willemstad, our beaches and restaurants, meet our people, renew friendships and extend your networks. The University of Curaçao extends again a “Bon Biní” (warm welcome) to you all to the pearl of the Caribbean, our Dushi Kòrsou (lovely Curaçao).

Boele De Raad

Chair Scientific Committee

The scientific program committee is looking forward to abstracts from the many corners of the field of personality and from the many regions of the scientific world. Both single abstracts and proposals for symposia are welcome.