One option would be public transportation, buses. There are large buses (convoy) and minibuses (bus) operating on different routes, mainly from the terminal in front of the post office in Punda (Waaigat) and the one in Otrabanda. There are plenty of cabs available. Most of them have fixed fares (no meter). It is good to always ask in advance what the fare will be to reach your destination.

FROM PUNDA there are buses that you can take to go to the university. The bus numbers are 3A, 3B, and 3C. The stop you should get off at is Universiteit Van Curacao and from that stop it is a 4-minute walk to the university.

The easiest way to get around Curaçao is by car. The island is not very large, but the beaches and attractions are spread all over the island and walking or biking in the heat of the day can be very demanding.


There will be available free shuttle to all participants to arrive University in the mornings and come back in the afternoons. The buses will be located in the Bus Station of Otrobanda and will leave from there. In the afternoons that would be also the final destination.

The timetable for the buses will be the following:

3rd of April
4th & 5th of April
Departure to University
7:45 am
8:00 am
Departure to Bus Station Otrobanda
17:15 pm
17:15 pm