Call for Papers


All abstract submissions (for Poster presentation and Oral presentation (individual or within a symposium)), must be provided with:

Submission Topics

Submissions should be linked to one of the topics or groups of topics of the conference as given below:

  • Personality Structure (e.g., Traits, Emotions, Types, Temperament, Taxonomy, Situations)
  • Personality Measurement (e.g., Psychometrics, Tests, Questionnaires, Biases, Internet)
  • Theoretical And Conceptual Approaches (e.g., Evolutionary Viewpoint, Psychodynamic Viewpoint, Existentialism, Conceptual Analysis)
  • Specific Constructs (e.g., Creativity, Resiliency, Locus Of Control, Adaptation, Coping, Narcissism)
  • Intelligence (e.g., Structure Of Ability, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Genetics)
  • Personality And Cognition (e.g., Openness, Working Memory Capacity, Creativity)
  • Personality And Culture (e.g., Beliefs, Values, Cross-Cultural Approach)
  • Personality And Morality (e.g., Vices, Virtues, Religion)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Personality And Organization
    1. Personality And (Cross-Cultural) Teams
    2. Selection & Personnel Development (Job Performance, Job Attitudes)
  • Personality And Career Development (e.g., Career Choice, Vocational Personality Types)
  • Personality And Clinical Aspects
    1. Personality And Axis-I
    2. Personality And Axis-II
    3. Personality And Health
    4. Personality And Forensics
  • Personality And Social Psychology
    1. Personality And Emotion (e.g., Emotion Regulation, Emotional Intelligence)
    2. Personality And Social Relationships (e.g., Interpersonal Relations, Mate Selection)
    3. Personality And Motivation (e.g., Approach/Avoidance Processes)
  • Personality And Development (e.g., Stability & Change, Age-Typical Personality, Antecedents & Consequences Of Personality)
  • Personality And Education (e.g., Learning, School)
  • Personality And Biological Aspects
    1. Genetics (e.g., Gene-Association, Genome Wide Scans, Twin Studies, Behavioral Genetics)
    2. Neuro-Imaging (e.g., Fmri, DTI)
    3. Psychopharmacology And Psychophysiology (e.g., EEG)
  • Interfaces With Other Scientific Disciplines (e.g., Anthropology, Forensics, Politics, Economy)
    1. Personality And Politics
    2. Personality And Behavioral Economics
    3. Animal Psychology
  • Dissemination of Personality (e.g., Teaching Of Personality, Publishing, Personality And Media)

Presentation Formats

The conference is built on sessions of one hour, separated by 15-minutes breaks.

  1. Oral Presentations

For oral presentations (both individual and within symposia) a maximum of 20 minutes is reserved, which includes discussion time (suggested format: 15 minutes presentation + 5 minutes discussion). As a rule, authors may present no more than one oral presentation (Although they can be involved in more than one abstract as second author).

  1. Poster Presentations

Posters should be prepared as A0 format (841 mm width x 1189 mm height)

  1. Symposia

Symposia can be either Invited Symposia or Submitted symposia. All Symposia can be organized either in one-hour sessions or in two-hours sessions. The set up per hour is best organized with a maximum of three presentations, allowing 15 minutes presentation & 5 minutes discussion per speaker. The chairperson/symposium organizer has some freedom regarding time distribution. Besides a chairperson, a symposium may optionally also include a discussant. In planning a symposium, a chairperson should allow enough time for audience questions and discussion. The chairperson has final responsibility for the submission of the symposium abstract as well as for the submissions of the individual abstracts within the symposium.

Further Considerations

AAll accepted abstracts have the potential to be published in the WAPP conference abstracts book. Upon acceptance, a minimum of one author must attend the WAPP in person and deliver the presentation according to the scheduled day and time. Should an author not comply with the requirements, the programme chair or conference organizer reserves the right to remove the abstract and/or presentation from the conference schedule and/or conference book of abstract. We are eagerly looking forward to receiving abstracts from all parts of the globe to make this a truly international world conference


Dr. Boele de Raad
Chair Scientific Committee